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04. our rates: the concept

inno.centre offers you a price per person including all services,

breaks, meals, access to physical and digital tools, consumables...

We can also support you more specifically.... And then we co-constructed!

the inno.centre rates

At inno.centre, you will never spend more than 10 seconds without someone to help you! 

- everything is modular!

- 3 interactive video projectors, ipads, microphones, 3 PCs...

- flexible time slots


From the simplest to the most advanced to develop your creativity! 

- the basics (felt pens, post-it...)
- physical stimuli (image banks, olfactory, material library, etc.)

- digital tools (iMindMap, Stormz, whiteboard...)

- for insiders (©,©,©...)

tools and stimuli

To give you strength and good humour, inno.centre awakens your taste buds with a choice of catering services:

- buffet

- meal tray

- cocktail finger food

but also salty and sweet breaks throughout the day.

Jamais seul !

un accueil empathique, sympathique et sympatrique

banque d'images associatives inno.centre

an empathetic and sympathetic welcome

Never Alone!
banque d'images associatives inno.centre
Tools addicts ?

the best for cracking

the best ideas

pause gourmande inno.centre
The fuel to fuel it!  

Why raspberries? Why good, efficient sit-down meals? Because it actually... it helps! 

1/2 DAY
65€ht per person*
1/2 DAY
65€ht per person
Services, tools/stimuli et breaks included
 1 DAY
115€ht per person*
115€ht per person
Services, tools/stimuli,
breaks and catering included
80€ht per person*
80€ht per person
Services, tools/stimuli and breaks included

*12 persons minimum

*minimum de 12 personnes

inno.centre offers you 2-hour support services around creative techniques and tools (iMindMap, Stormz, forced connections, prototyping, world coffee, brainstorming, cré©,©,©, etc.).

boost créatif
écran tactile inno.centre

Besoin d'un coup de main pour faciliter une session originale et bien outillée ? Nous sommes là ! 

Boost créatif !
2 hours of facilitation
around a technique of your choice
for 12 personnes
in addition to the package per person
to clarify, find, strengthen and share
your ideas
2 h of facilitation
around a technique of your choice

Need an advanced facilitation to optimize your half-day or full day? The inno.centre team will help you to build an animation guide, lead your workshop, structure your deliverables, etc.

total boost
banque d'images conceptuelles inno.centre
 A tailor-made offer
around several techniques
from 2 to 5k€ht
in addition to the package per person
A tailor-made Offer
around severals techniques
A day of animation specifically designed for

la journée qui délivre avec un début, un milieu et un final plein d'enthousiasme et de résultats ! 

Total Boost !

Tel : +33 9 50 92 05 57

6 rue Pierre Larousse 75014 Paris

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